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Easy Homemade Indian Naan Bread Recipe

Indian naan bread recipe prepared in a plate

For me, the ultimate flatbread is naan. I think it is something about the neutral flavor, along with it being the perfect texture between soft and chewy. Unfortunately, even in California with a large Indian and Middle Eastern community, getting good naan can be hard to come by. Also, a side of naan can cost … Read more

Simple Roasted Artichoke Recipe

Roasted artichokes on a plate with lemon garlic butter sauce

Roasted artichokes are a special treat around our house. Artichokes can be intimidating with their spines and inedible parts, and for the longest time, we avoided them. While they are a little tricky to prepare, with some simple instructions they can be turned into a delicious and sophisticated appetizer.   What is a Roasted Artichoke? Roasted … Read more