Can You Sous Vide Dry Aged Beef?

A butcher wearing a white apron and black shirt is holding a slab of dry aged meat

Beef steaks can be prepared in numerous ways. Similarly, sous vide style of cooking can be used in many ways. Can you sous vide dry aged beef? The answer can help create a lot of recipes for home cooks who want to serve the most memorable meals to guests and family. Can You Sous Vide …

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Can You Sous Vide With Marinade?

Fresh meat being marinated with herbs in a clear bowl on a marbled countertop

Have you ever asked yourself if you can sous vide using marinade? Many people want to ensure they’re using marinade on the meat directly while it cooks to add more flavor. Others just want to know if it’s possible to tenderize the meat during this low-temperature, low-heat cooking technique. So which is it? Can You …

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How Much Water Do You Need to Sous Vide?

A person wearing a green apron is holding a stainless steel pot placed on top of a black stove

While sous vide, also known as low-temperature, long-time (LTLT) cooking, is easy to master, it is not without challenges. You might have heard of this cooking method; however, do you know how much water it requires to sous vide? Well, some tricks and tips will help you get the most out of your next meal. …

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How to Defrost With Sous Vide

Raw red meat beside different spices placed on a brown wooden chopping board

Defrosting meat can be a risky task because of the bacteria build-up. If you learn how to defrost with sous vide, you can save time and add more flavor to the food you prepare. This process can be easier, and safer. How to Defrost With Sous Vide The easiest way to defrost using sous vide …

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Sous Vide or Slow Cooker

A person is slicing cooked meat using a silver knife and silver tong on a white chopping board

There are several options for all of us to cook our favorite meals and enjoy the outcome. These methods can range from baking, frying, grilling, and many more. If you want to know which method of cooking is better between, a sous vide or slow cooker read all about them and compare them to decide …

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Can You Sous Vide for Too Long?

A person wearing a black watch is slicing cooked meat on top of a brown chopping board

Sous vide is a slow process, and it gives excellent results. No matter what you decide to cook, the results will be great if you follow this cooking technique well. Can you sous vide for too long? The timing and temperature for this cooking process are specific. Can You Sous Vide for Too Long? You …

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Does Sous Vide Dry Out the Meat?

Three types of raw meat near a chopped fresh spring onion and peeled potato placed on a wooden chopping board on top of a brown wooden surface

Cooking requires precision, which is why many cooks and chefs must be careful when following various cooking techniques. Does sous vide dry out the meat? If you are interested in trying out this special way of cooking, find out what kind of results you can expect. Does Sous Vide Dry Out the Meat? Actually, sous …

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How Is Sous Vide Different From Boiling?

Silver stainless pot with boiling water and garlic cooking on a stovetop in the kitchen

Those who know how to cook food using the sous vide believe that it is a simple concept. If you have recently heard about this technique, you may wonder how sous vide differs from boiling. You can find the answer if you get to know how this technique works. How Is Sous Vide Different From …

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How to Clean Sous Vide

Detergent was placed on a spray bottle on top of pink gloves beside sponges and a pink towel

If you own a sous vide cooker or have cooked delicious recipes with this special cooking method, you would know that even warm water ovens and circulating cookers can get dirty. Learn how to clean sous vide, so you keep making new recipes. How to Clean a Sous Vide Cooker A sous vide cooker consists …

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How to Use the Sous Vide Rack

When you start cooking in a particular way that works for you, indulging in some equipment and tools that add to the cooking experience is natural. Do you know how to use the sous vide rack? If not, then get to know all about it so that you can enjoy the preparation experience as much …

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How to Clean Sous Vide Bags

A person wearing green long sleeves holds two plastic containers with food inside

Sous vide is a popular cooking method that has been used in restaurants for a long time. It has recently become prevalent among home cooks since it produces restaurant-quality food. However, the primary downside of this cooking method is the use of plastic, which is harmful to the environment. The good news is that you …

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How to Use a Sous Vide

A medium rare steak is placed on parchment paper beside vegetables and sauce in a white bowl

Cooking can often be a therapeutic and a liberating experience. One of the most popular new methods for cooking is sous vide. With sous vide cooking, you can ensure temperature perfect results every time with little oversight. To this day, there is no chicken breast cooked in our house that isn’t done via sous vide. …

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