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Easy Homemade Indian Naan Bread Recipe

Indian naan bread recipe prepared in a plate

For me, the ultimate flatbread is naan. I think it is something about the neutral flavor, along with it being the perfect texture between soft and chewy. Unfortunately, even in California with a large Indian and Middle Eastern community, getting good naan can be hard to come by. Also, a side of naan can cost … Read more

Simple Roasted Artichoke Recipe

Roasted artichokes on a plate with lemon garlic butter sauce

Roasted artichokes are a special treat around our house. Artichokes can be intimidating with their spines and inedible parts, and for the longest time, we avoided them. While they are a little tricky to prepare, with some simple instructions they can be turned into a delicious and sophisticated appetizer.   What is a Roasted Artichoke? Roasted … Read more

Easy Creamy Baked Mac and Cheese Recipe

A plate of baked mac and cheese

Baked mac and cheese might just be my ultimate comfort food. We’re not talking about the yellow stuff from the box here – I mean hearty, melty, mac and cheese for adults.  What is a Baked Mac and Cheese? There are basically two ways to make mac and cheese: on a stovetop or in an … Read more

Simple Homemade Southwest Creamed Corn Recipe

A cup of homemade creamed corn topped with bacon and cheese

Have a pantry full of cans to use up? Chances are you probably have a can of sweet corn in there. Today we’re going to transform that can of golden kernels into a creamy, cheesy, classically decadent side dish using just one pan for cooking.  What is Creamed Corn? Creamed corn originally is made from … Read more

Easy Homemade Cheesy Biscuits Without Buttermilk Recipe

Three pieces of freshly baked cheesy biscuits on a plate

There are few joys in food like breaking into a warm cheesy biscuit and tasting that buttery flaky goodness. While buttermilk biscuits are by far my favorite type of biscuit, we rarely seem to have buttermilk on hand. It’s not quite practical to have it constantly stored in the fridge. Because of that, we are … Read more

Easy Baked Cinnamon Spice Acorn Squash Recipe

A bowl of spice acorn squash

Baked cinnamon spice acorn squash is one of the easiest dishes you can make to get your family in the holiday mood. When you pop these squash into the oven your home will smell of sweet spicy goodness.  What is a Cinnamon Spice Acorn Squash? Acorn squash is a winter squash, also sometimes known as … Read more

Simple Cheesy Potatoes Au Gratin Recipe

A portion of baked au gratin on a plate

You might know them as scalloped potatoes, or you might know them as potatoes au gratin.  Whatever you call them, this classic potato dish is a wonderful side for hearty meats and cold nights.  What are Cheesy Potatoes Au Gratin? Potatoes Au Gratin are a preparation of potatoes made with cream, milk, and cheese baked … Read more

Easy and Healthy Caprese Salad Recipe

Close up view caprese salad

With food there is often a beauty in simplicity. One of my personal favorites is Italian Classic Caprese Salad. This simple salad is as much a celebration of pure and simple ingredients as it is of Italy itself.  What is Caprese Salad? Caprese Salad is a salad made of tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, and olive oil. … Read more