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Simple Orange Cranberry Mimosa Recipe

Ingredients needed for a simple orange cranberry mimosa recipe

If the bloody mary is the king of the brunch cocktails I think we can all agree the mimosa would be the queen. Lighter and more elegant, the mimosa combines the special nature of drinking something sparkling with the prolific ubiquity of orange juice with brunch foods.    What is an Orange Cranberry Mimosa? Named after … Read more

Easy Cranberry Margarita Recipe

A cranberry margarita cocktail

I have been wanting to create a margarita recipe for quite sometime now. Living in San Diego, margaritas are a cherished tradition here like fish tacos and carne asada fries. I mean, what would Taco Tuesday be without a refreshing margarita in your hand?  Whether shaken, blended, in a fishbowl or mason jar, the margarita … Read more