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Kahlua and Vodka White Russian Cocktail Recipe

A glass of white Russian

A delectably sweet and rich White Russian cocktail makes one of the best nightcaps, especially when served ice cold. What is a White Russian? A White Russian is a cocktail made up of vodka, coffee liqueur (most often Kahlua), and cream served over ice. As with many cocktails, the origin and exact make-up of the … Read more

Homemade Smoked Maple Bourbon Smash Cocktail Recipe

A glass of maple bourbon smash served with ice

“Smash” style cocktails include some of the most popular drinks today, like Mojitos and Juleps. Smashes can also be done with other cocktails, which is what we’re going to do! Today we’re doing our take on a maple bourbon smash with the added twist of smoking it. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have a … Read more

Easy Banana and Spinach Green Smoothie Recipe

Green smoothie ingredients prepped on a tray

Sometimes you just want something clean, healthy, fast, easy, and refreshing. This green smoothie recipe is just that. Spinach makes it green and citrus and pineapple make it deliciously tropical. Add in some ice and you have a quick healthy pick-me-up perfect for a meal replacement or after-workout treat.  What is a Green Smoothie? A … Read more

Simple Classic Tropical Mai Tai Cocktail Recipe

A cold glass of mai tai

When I think of a smooth tropical cocktail, I think of a Mai Tai. Unfortunately, I feel like we don’t take this classic drink seriously enough or give it enough credit. Too often, we associate the classic tropical Mai Tai with just a beach-side vacation or tiki-themed summer bbq.  Instead, we should be thinking of … Read more