How to Bake Empanadas

Empanadas being prepared to bake

Empanada, a Spanish dish that has made its mark all across the globe now, has two main variants. One is a fried version, and the other is the baked version. A question comes to mind, how to bake empanadas? People are readily embracing the baking method to avoid extra oil consumption so that they can …

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How to Make Colada

A pina colada with in a small glass

A Cuban coffee or a pineapple cocktail, the two iterations of the Colada are drool-worthy, nonetheless. It is a creamy, indulgent, multi-layered drink that captivates the taste buds of plenty of guests at a party. So, if you want your Coladas to pack just the right punch, then it’s better to learn the process of …

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How to Make Sticky Wings

Barbecue flavored chicken wings with sauce

Sticky Chicken Wings originated somewhere in Asia and have now grown as a wildly popular street food globally. However, cooking tasty wings is a complex process, and the most common mistake people make is improper breading. We ask, how to make sticky wings? Remember, it is not the sauce but the breading that brings flavor …

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How to Cook Brats on the Stove

Sausages with seasoning ang leaves being served

Bratwurst is a type of sausage, German dish that is now a delicacy across the globe. However, if brats are undercooked, you might fall sick with parasitic Trichinosis. Therefore, learn the correct cooking procedure on how to cook brats on the stove to ensure that you satisfy your cravings any time you want.  How to …

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How To Eat Macarons

Freshly baked macarons placed on a table

What’s best about macarons is that they are creamy, chewy mouthful at the center with a cracking shell, enough for an exhilarating rush in your body. But if you asked, ‘how to eat macarons?’ The answer is probably not – ‘in one bite.’ Macarons are delicate and should be relished bite by bite. How To …

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How To Cut Spare Ribs Into Riblets

Pork bbq riblets with sides

Riblets are extremely easy to cook, which is arguably the biggest part of their appeal. That said, not all butchers sell these cuts. Furthermore, while you might find frozen riblet cuts in the store, frozen meat, when cooked, can come out tasting bland and watery. Here’s a guide on how to cut spare ribs into …

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How to Use a Whetstone

Knife and whetstone on a wooden table

Knives are a very handy kitchen tool that need to be sharpened regularly. While a lot of tools are available for the same, a whetstone is undoubtedly the most preferred. In this article, I tell you how to use a whetstone. How to Use a Whetstone The word whetstone is a combination of two words, …

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How to Braid 6 Strand Challah

Challah bread with sesame seeds

Challah is a beautiful-looking, mildly sweet bread that, unlike other bread, can be baked to completion in three hours flat. It is popular in the middle east and has been gaining steam globally. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to braid a 6 strand challah. How To Braid 6 Strand Challah It is sometimes called …

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How to Grill Chicken Inside

Grilled chicken in a pan

Grilled chicken is a dining table staple and an everyday favorite of non-vegetarians. So, waiting for the right season to grill outdoors or opting for takeaways every time is not a feasible option. Therefore, it is better to learn how to grill chicken inside the confines of your home! How to Grill Chicken Inside You …

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How to Make French Fries Without a Deep Fryer

French fries in a bowl cooked without deep fryer

French fries are one of the tastiest snacks. Most french fry lovers when trying to find deep-frying alternatives, end up with their fries either too soggy or too crunchy. But, I have carefully carved out and found some slick methods that can teach you how to make French Fries without a deep fryer. There is …

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How to Deep Fry Without a Deep Fryer

deep fried chicken

All you need is the right pot, oil, and utensils to deep fry without a deep fryer. But learning the proper deep-frying technique is essential if you don’t want to burn your food – or worse – yourself.  This guide will teach you how to deep fry without a deep fryer. How to Deep Fry …

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How to Defrost a Ham

defrosted ham

Regardless of if you’re cooking a ham for a holiday or are just craving the mild, smoky-sweet flavor of the meat, defrosting it right is critical to ensure you don’t get a foodborne illness. To help you learn how to defrost a ham, I’ve outlined four ways to do it in this post. How to …

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