How to Make Chicken and Egg Noodles

A golden spoon beside a bowl of chicken and egg noodle

If you are a noodle lover, then this guide will make your heart skip a beat. Why? Because you might have enjoyed chicken noodles in many styles, but have you ever tried chicken and egg noodles in a pasta style? No?! Then you must check our recipe on how to make chicken and egg noodles …

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How to Grill Riblets

Close up shot of served riblets with tomatoes

We’re talking about ribs today, so stock up on charcoal or wood chips and napkins, because we will be talking about the mouth-watering meaty, smoky, saucy, and lit bit of sweet yet fantastically finger-licking grilled riblets. Here is an absolutely delicious recipe on how to grill riblets which you can try at your home. How …

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How to Like Seafood

A shrimp recipe cooked with a wok

You’re not alone if you dislike seafood because of its ‘fishy’ flavor. Many people dislike fish because they have had bad experiences with strong-flavored fish like sea bass or trout. So is there a way that you can seafood once again? Yes! This guide highlights some small tips on how to like seafood that will …

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How to Eat 100 Grams of Protein a Day as a Vegetarian

Peanut butter and slices of a strawberry

One needs protein in their diet for repairing and building cells in their body. It is also vital for the development of children, adolescents, and pregnant mothers. This guide discusses how to eat 100 grams of protein a day as a vegetarian to help you meet your daily protein requirement. How to Eat 100 Grams of Protein a Day as …

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How to Cook Malanga

Close up shot of taro roots

Today we have a root vegetable known as kalo, dasheen, madhumbe, arbi, and many more names across the globe. Can you guess what it is? Well, if your answer is taro roots, then bravo; but how to cook malanga? Taro root or malanga is a root vegetable that contains a very high amount of fiber …

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How to Cook Beef Chuck Roast on Stove

Slicing a juicy medium rare steak

Besides Chuck Roast being rich in flavor, it is also rich in protein, which helps produce antibodies and helps you stay healthy. Also, using a stove and cooking the beef low and slow makes it soft and delectable. Here’s a guide to help you cook your beef chuck roast right. How To Cook Beef Chuck …

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How to Make Goat Cheese With Rennet

A circular bulk of goat cheese split in half

The world is going crazy about goat cheese because 28 grams serving has 102 calories, 6 grams of protein, and many other nutrients. However, making it DIY-style can be tricky as simple mistakes can make it tough. Now, learn how to make goat cheese with rennet perfectly using our curated guide. How to Make Goat …

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How to Fry Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs

Fried chicken with white sauce at the center

Chicken thighs are a great source of nutrients such as zinc, iron, and protein. People love to combine nutrition along with good taste. Therefore, fried boneless chicken thighs are an excellent option to indulge in and a great start to know how to fry boneless skinless chicken thighs. How to Fry Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs? …

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How to Cook Salmon So It Doesn’t Taste Fishy

A cooked salmon with onions and asparagus

Salmon is quite popular seafood across the globe, rich in omega-3 fatty acids. However, it tastes incredibly fishy if it is not flash frozen right after being caught. Along with buying good quality frozen Salmon, you also need to know how to cook salmon so it doesn’t taste fishy. How to Cook Salmon So It …

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How to Bake Empanadas

Empanadas being prepared to bake

Empanada, a Spanish dish that has made its mark all across the globe now, has two main variants. One is a fried version, and the other is the baked version. A question comes to mind, how to bake empanadas? People are readily embracing the baking method to avoid extra oil consumption so that they can …

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How to Make Colada

A pina colada with in a small glass

A Cuban coffee or a pineapple cocktail, the two iterations of the Colada are drool-worthy, nonetheless. It is a creamy, indulgent, multi-layered drink that captivates the taste buds of plenty of guests at a party. So, if you want your Coladas to pack just the right punch, then it’s better to learn the process of …

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How to Make Sticky Wings

Barbecue flavored chicken wings with sauce

Sticky Chicken Wings originated somewhere in Asia and have now grown as a wildly popular street food globally. However, cooking tasty wings is a complex process, and the most common mistake people make is improper breading. We ask, how to make sticky wings? Remember, it is not the sauce but the breading that brings flavor …

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