How to Cook Frozen Fish Balls

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Fish balls, just like meatballs, are delicious and protein-rich to eat. Whether you’ve made and frozen them yourselves or got them frozen from the nearest supermarket, you must be wondering how to cook frozen fish balls.

How to Cook Frozen Fish Balls

Well, there are plenty of ways to cook frozen fish balls depending upon the ones you like the most.  If you’re stuck on what to do with your frozen fish balls without ruining their flavor, this article is for you!

Cooking fish balls on a molder


The most suitable way to cook frozen fish balls is simmering. This procedure will not alter the taste of your fish balls and will assist you in keeping them protein-rich. Place the fish balls in a pot of boiling water and reduce the heat to low.

Simmer for 5-6 minutes until the balls float. Drain the water and serve immediately.

Additionally, other fish is also good for simmering like cooking muskie fish.

Microwaving Gently

Another good technique to cook frozen fish balls is to defrost them in your oven for 15 to 20 seconds. Make sure to not exceed the listed amount as it may cause your fish balls to start cooking, and as a result, you would lose the original taste of it.

You can also place the fish balls in a water basin and heat for 2 minutes on high or until hot. Remove from the water and serve.


Stir-frying your frozen fish balls will keep their taste intact and won’t make them soggy as thawing would do. To stir fry, heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a wok. Add the fish balls to the wok with the sauce, veggies, and other ingredients of your choice.

On medium heat, stir fry for 3 to 5 minutes (or until ready). Serve right away.


Food, such as fish balls, is well known for being frozen and preserved. Otherwise, it is easily rotten and deteriorated; thus, it must be thawed before eating. Choosing an excellent thawing procedure is critical because many methods have their own drawbacks.

Any food can be safely thawed in three ways, according to the Food Safety and Inspection Service: in cold water, in the refrigerator, or in the microwave.

However, if you ask me, the best method for thawing fish balls is by adding these fish balls to a plastic zipper bag and letting cool water through it so the ice gets melted and the fish balls get ready for cooking.

Steps to Make Frozen Fish Balls at Home

To make frozen fish balls at home, all you need to do is:

  1. Remove the fish’s head and tails, then cut it into two fillets. Scoop off the meat with a scoop. Save the heads and tails for later. They can be used to make fish broth.
  2. Please pre-freeze the fish and egg white for 1 to 2 hours in the summer or until thoroughly cold. Make 400g of chilled water.
  3. Break the fish: Place the fish meat, cooking wine, and 200ml chilled water in a food processor and mash until well combined. Add the fish meat to a stand mixer fitted with the mixing hook.
  4. Add the fish meat to a stand mixer fitted with the mixing hook to make the paste. Mix the salt and sugar for 2 to 3 minutes at a low speed, salt and sugar can also help your food doesn’t taste fishy. Slowly add the egg white and continue to mix until well absorbed.
  5. Each time, add 1/4 cup of chilled water until all of the 150ml water has been added and absorbed. Then, on high speed, blend the mixture for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the paste is very frothy, similar to cream.
  6. Add starch: Alternately add starch and chilled water until all starch is incorporated. Repeat the tests to ensure that the paste can float in water.
  7. To test the fish paste, fill a tall cup halfway with water, use a small scoop, and scoop out a small fish paste. Dip it into the water to check if it floats on the surface. If so, proceed to the next step. If not, continue to blend the mixture at high speed.
Fish ball poured in spices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does It Take To Fry Fish Balls?

Cook in 4 or 5 batches for around 5 minutes per batch. As they finish, the fish balls will lighten in color, and some may float; they will have a consistent texture and color throughout. After a few minutes, cut into one of them; the texture should be elastic and bouncy.

How Can You Know When the Fish Balls Are Done?

Gently lower the fish balls into the oil using a slotted deep-frying spoon or a ladle. Deep-fry the fish balls for 8 to 12 minutes, depending on their size, until golden brown and floating in the oil. A meat thermometer can be used to double-check doneness; fish balls should reach 145 F in the center.

How Do You Cook Frozen Fish Balls?

In order to simmer, place the fish balls in a pot of boiling water and reduce to low heat. Simmer for 2-3 minutes, or until the goods float to the surface. Simmer for 5-6 minutes if heating from frozen. Drain the water and serve immediately.

How Do You Make Air-Fried Fish Balls?

Fill the air fryer basket halfway with little fish balls. Spray with oil. Cook at 360°F (180°C) for 20 minutes, shaking the basket halfway through to ensure equal cooking.

Are Fish Balls Good for You?

Fish balls are low in calories, with a 100-gram portion containing only 77 calories. This amount is less than 4% of the daily recommended intake of 2,000, making fish balls a suitable dietary choice for those trying to reduce weight. 

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Frozen fish balls are one the tastiest and delicious food items I have ever tried. To assist you, I have included some of the easiest and quickest ways to cook frozen fish balls right out of the refrigerator to save you time.

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