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How to Toast a Bagel in a Toaster Oven

A close-up image of a Bagel

You can use a toaster oven to improve the taste and texture of your bagel in just a few minutes. In fact, you can toast fresh bagels in a toaster oven as well if you like them hot and crispy.  In this article, we’ll discuss a step-by-step guide that will allow you to learn how …

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How Long to Reheat Pizza in a Toaster Oven?

Frozen pizza being reheated in a toaster oven

Are you thinking about how to make leftover pizza taste as good as when freshly baked? Toaster ovens can rewarm pizza effectively and achieve its original crispiness. We’re sharing how long to reheat pizza in a toaster oven, so you’ll never have to eat cold, soggy pizza again. How Long to Reheat Pizza in a …

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Types of Toaster Ovens

Rotisserie countertop toaster oven

There is a wide range of food varieties that taste better when toasted. A toaster oven is an invaluable machine that comes in handy whether you need to toast biscuits, bagels, or bread. However, there are multiple toaster oven types available in the market that come with different features and they also have their own …

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Best Stock Pot for Sous Vide [2022 Review]

Stainless steel stock pot

A good stock pot is one of the largest physical purchases home cooks will make, so they also need to provide a lot of value for the space they take up. An excellent way to get more value from your stock pot is to use it for sous vide cooking. With today’s wand-style immersion circulators, …

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Best French Fry Cutter for Sweet Potatoes [2022 Review]

Sweet potato fries on a cutting board

Sweet potato fries are all the rage nowadays. But how hard can it be to make sweet potato fries at home? If you have ever tried to cut one of these rock-hard root vegetables by hand you know that making shoestring, uniform cuts is basically impossible by hand.  Enter the die cutter, a french fry …

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Best Electric Skillet for Frying Chicken [2022 Review]

Electric skillet with meat and vegatables

One of the best uses for an electric skillet is to fry foods like chicken. Electric skillets are not just easier to use for frying; they are safer too. The temperature knob on this tool is perfect for keeping oil at the right heat. Additionally, since these skillets do not have an open flame like …

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Best Rice Dispenser [2022 Review]

One of the most common bulk buys from the grocery store is rice. But if you are buying more than 5 pounds of rice at a time, how are you storing it? Hopefully not in the bag it came in, where it can easily be spilled or invaded by bugs, or in generic containers where …

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Best French Door Toaster Oven [2022 Review]

French door toaster ovens are becoming more and more popular by the day. When you are looking for a premium countertop electric oven with the capacity to feed a whole family, these are the units you turn to.  Best of all, they just look classy and high-end in your kitchen. We’re reviewing the best French …

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Best Nut Chopper [2022 Review]

Almonds in a food processor to chop

Why do you need a nut chopper? Modern nut choppers are multi-use compact tools in the kitchen that can do much more than pulverizing almonds and walnuts. There are many different designs and features to consider when it comes to the best nut chopper on the market. You can use many appliances, from spice grinders …

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How to Cook Moonfish Steaks

Bunch of moon fish swimming

Moon fish is a versatile and adaptable creature with many culinary applications. It can be prepared in different ways, from grilled to pan-fried or seared on the surface before being cooked through later in an oven dish – it’s even suitable for raw consumption! Let’s take this opportunity to explore how you might cook up …

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How to Cook Frozen Cod Fish

Delicious cod fish with lemon on top

Ever been through the struggle of forgetting to take out fish from the freezer when you planned to cook it for dinner? That’s quite common. But you don’t have to worry anymore as we have figured out ways to cook cod fish right out of the freezer and we’ll teach you too. How to Cook …

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How to Cook Hooligan Fish

Delicious grilled hooligan fish outside

Hooligan fish are a bit different from other fish as they are found in Pacific rivers. This fish is also known as ‘candlefish’ or ‘oolichan.’ Not sure how to cook hooligan fish? This guide is here for you. Today, you will learn different ways to cook hooligan fish, new and delicious recipes to impress your …

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