What Does Soufflé Taste Like?

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Baking a soufflé requires the perfect mixture of egg whites and a flavorful base. You can bake it both sweet or savory, chocolate, or cheese soufflé, depending on your choice. But, for you, my first-timers, what does soufflé taste like?

Read more to know the textures, palates, influences, and the exact taste of that soufflé.

What Does Soufflé Taste Like?

A soufflé tastes awful if you haven’t correctly mixed the egg whites and the creamy base. Moreover, getting rid of the prominent eggy smell won’t be easy.

Strawberry soufflé

As you might know, soufflé comes only in sweet and savory variants.

Type 1: Sweet Soufflé

The sweet variant is made by baking flour with natural or artificial sweeteners. For instance, the main ingredient used in the chocolate soufflé is natural cocoa powder.

When the egg whites are beaten, you add the sugar in parts. You can also serve it with chocolate sauce to make it more delicious.

Besides being an excellent dessert option, a sweet soufflé also goes best with ice cream.

Adding banana to the chocolate soufflé ensemble only increases the decadent sweetness.

A passion fruit soufflé is another classic creation you can relish. It’s sweet and exquisite at the same, with a glistening feel on every bite.

Type 2: Savory Soufflé

The savory variant is an all-time favorite, as I can add herbs and spices. Baked from butter, milk, and flour, the savory soufflé is creamy and cheesy.

Adding spices such as peppermint and cloves will turn it more aromatic. Another favorite is the banana and lime, which tastes sweet and tangy.

The heavy ingredients in this soufflé do not lift it a lot. This kind is cheesy and tastes creamy, rendering it genuinely savory.

The classic double-baked cauliflower soufflé has been a guest lunch special for ages! Its mild yet spiced taste packs just the right punch.

Tips To Enhance Your Soufflé’s Taste

Adding the cream of tartar to the beaten egg whites can turn out to be quite flavorful. This cream of tartar is an acidic salt, and this acid helps the eggs to trap air. Details are given below.

Next, even if you’re tempted to open the oven, avoid it. This is because the cool air will not let the soufflé become fluffy.

Preparing the base before beating the egg whites is an advantage. You can add sweet or savory flavor into the base first. As soon as the base is prepared, then go for beating the egg whites.

Chocolate soufflé in the oven

Usually, vanilla soufflé has an eggy odor when it is still hot. Nevertheless, have you tasted a soufflé after it cools down? Well, it’ll probably make you lick your fingers.

Here are some more tips:

Tip 1: Give The Mixture Some Air

This tip is useful if you want to eliminate the raw egg odor from your soufflé. The smell in your soufflé is a sign that your mixture needs some air.

Whipping air into the mixture discards the albumin smell of the surroundings.

You can use a hand mixture or a churner to give the mix some air.

On churning the egg whites, the protein gets distributed evenly throughout the mixture. It is also a good tip if you are trying to master cake baking.

Tip 2: Use A Metal Or Ceramic Bowl

Always use a metal container or a bowl to beat the egg whites. It is because metal bowls do not hold harmful existing residues.

Plastic bowls may hold oxidized residue that deteriorates the aroma of your soufflé.

Moreover, metal bowls have the right texture to break egg whites evenly.

You will witness a change in your soufflé’s taste as it gets better with a metal bowl. A ceramic bowl is also a good mixing container.

Bowls with round and elevated sides will add extra height to your soufflé’s peak.

Tip 3: Regulate The Temperature

To bake a delicious piece of soufflé, choose the temperature for each event. If you live in a hot or humid area, set your room temperature to 27°C.

The surroundings in which you bake your soufflé must not exceed 27°C.

A cold area will leave an eggy odor on your dish, whereas baking in a hotter area won’t peak your soufflé.

Also, keep your eggs in the refrigerator an hour before you start baking.

Breakfast soufflé

Tip 4: Add The “Cream Of Tartar”

To get an extra peak in your soufflé, add the cream of tartar. It is a salt obtained from grape-extracted liquor.

You have to add the salt before breaking the egg whites in your mixture. Moreover, it eliminates the foul albumin smell from the mixture quickly.

The cream of tartar traps air inside your mixture while you agitate it. However, you should not use a metallic bowl to avoid harmful chemical reactions.

Lemon is also an effective alternative to the Cream of Tartar, as these two share the same pH value.

As for the texture, if you use week-old eggs for the soufflé, they will be baked with a lighter texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should There Be Air In A Soufflé?

Air is very crucial for a soufflé as it makes it fluffy and worth eating. When you beat the egg whites, the air gets trapped via that motion.

The same air bubbles tend to expand when placed in the oven, making your soufflé fluffy and flavorful.

What Does It Take To Make A Savory Soufflé?

A savory soufflé is delicious as you can add spices and herbs of your choice to it. They can be served as a light dessert along with salad or soup.

Mix some ingredients like cheese, diced onions, and cream, and add your favorite spices to it.

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Now you know that soufflé is either sweet or savory (broadly). Whenever you prepare them at home, make sure that you do not make them taste eggy. For more help, follow these tips to creating a delicious Soufflé and avoid an awful taste.

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