Can You Freeze Sous Vide Steak?

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When people try any new way of preparing food, they focus more on the results and less on convenience. However, some cooking techniques give excellent results and are convenient as well. Can you freeze sous vide steak? Find out, and you might convert your cooking style forever.

Beginner Cooking Tips
Beginner Cooking Tips

Can You Freeze Sous Vide Steak?

Sous vide steak can be frozen before or even after preparation. However, some health and safety concerns must be considered when you freeze the meat. People who use this cooking style often freeze the prepared meat to enjoy it later.

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One of the biggest advantages of using this method for cooking big quantities of food portions in the food industry is that you can prepare the item beforehand and give it a few finishing touches just when ordered. Freezing prepared steak can be an excellent idea for restaurants and eateries where numerous orders come up in a day.

Do Professionals Use Frozen Steaks for Sous Vide?

This cooking method can freeze steaks and other dishes before they are prepared. If you season a steak and then vacuum pack it and freeze it, it can be put straight in the preheated sous vide cooker, and the results will still be excellent.

Many chefs use this technique to save time and ensure that the same food flavor is served each time, even when not in the restaurant kitchen! Instead of preparing each steak individually, it is easier to season many at a time, vacuum pack them, and freeze them so that later on, they can be used.

Apart from enthusiasts and cooks, professional chefs can benefit from this concept for many reasons. Some advantages of freezing the steak can include

  • Preparation time for high-volume food reduces
  • Good results without any requirement to attend the steak continuously
  • The texture and moisture remain the same as fresh steaks
  • There will be no wastage of food in an eatery
  • You will not require additional labor to take care of the food while it is cooking
  • The results are always going to be the same!

Freezing the Steak After Cooking

When you freeze the steak after it is cooked, ensure the bag remains sealed. If you open the bag and then store the steak in the freezer, it will absorb various flavors, and the taste might not be the same. Moreover, the shelf life of frozen food is up to a month.

However, the results will be excellent if you freeze steak prepared with this process. You will save the food for later, and all it will take is some reheating, which will take an hour. Open the vacuum bag only after you have reheated the steak.

Time Taken to Cook Frozen Steaks

Many people get confused about the time a frozen steak takes to cook. The simple formula is that you add 60 minutes to the time that a fresh steak would take to thoroughly cook. The time the meat takes to thaw is more than in any conventional cooking style because the temperature in this method is low.

Freezing Different Types of Steaks

The texture of the frozen steak will be just as juicy and tender as a fresh one. Moreover, the hassle of preparing the seasoning, vacuuming the bags, and sous-viding them all can be overwhelming. You can rely on freezing, especially when you do not have to prepare dinner daily.

You can experiment making steaks of different kinds by putting some in cold water and then cooking. The other batch can be frozen and then cooked. The results will not be very different because of the basic concept of using this process to see which one comes out better.

Both the steak types will come out equally great! You will not have to spend extra time, and the cold steaks will have the same texture and flavor as the frozen ones. The only thing to ensure is that the vacuum packing is the same and there is no air in the bag.

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Related Questions

Some expert answers to common questions can help you achieve better results with a particular cooking style. If you are confused about this cooking method, find out what experts have to say when novice cooks ask different questions.

How Do You Reheat Frozen Steaks?

You can reheat the sous vide steak by submerging the vacuum bag straight from your freezer into the water at 140 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour. The meat portion will come out fresh and delicious.

How Do I Store a Steak in the Freezer?

If you have only seasoned the steak and it is raw, you can vacuum pack it and keep it in the freezer. If you have already cooked the steak in an immersion pot, keep the meat vacuumed and store it in the freezer until you are ready to eat.

How Can I Store Leftover Sous Vide Steak?

You can store leftover, opened steaks in a vacuum bag and refrigerate them. This steak can be stored for up to a maximum of ten days. Ensure that you consume it within this time.

Can a Steak Remain Fresh if It Is in the Freezer for Six Weeks?

Yes, a steak will be fresh when you reheat it or cook the uncooked steak kept in the freezer for six weeks. Since the bag is vacuumed, you can say that the meat stops in time. You can enjoy fresh steaks after they have been frozen for some time.


Many people turn to the famous French cooking method to enjoy the delicious results. However, this style of cooking also has a convenience factor. Can you freeze sous vide steak? The answer is yes, you can, and it will be so convenient that you will like to use this method for steaks every time.

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