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Can You Put a Stainless Steel Pan in the Oven?

Cooking is one of the essential activities within the home because cooked meals are one of the ways family members show love to one another. So, giving our kitchen, equipment, and tools the maximum attention should be the priority. All the utensils are to be used for exemplary purposes and in the proper way/manner. The misuse of utensils can ultimately lead to a bad meal.

When individuals want to purchase cooking utensils, there is usually confusion about which item to buy; nonstick cooking pans or stainless steel pans. This confusion sets in as a result of so many considerations they may have. They begin to think about if nonstick pans are healthy for their meals, if stainless steel will enable them to cook faster etc.

Some homes have a stainless pan usually used for frying and performing some other methods of cooking. Stainless steel products are one of the best utensils because they do not release harmful elements into the meal cooked; they are easy to maintain and maintain a high temperature.

However, many people are not sure whether or not they can use the stainless steel pan in the oven; if it is oven-proof. In addition, many people want to know the pros and cons associated with the use of stainless steel in the range.

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Stainless steel is one of the best cooking utensils materials for a lot of reasons. Chefs and regular homemakers use it a lot and prefer it to the other materials simply because of its qualities. Many different materials are available, like the cast iron, copper steel, and many more, but stainless steel has its advantages. Read this article to know more about the cast iron.

Some of the qualities of a stainless steel pan are explained under the following headings:

Cooks healthy meals

Stainless steel does not interact with food items to release metallic taste or other elements into it. As a result, the food is cooked for healthy consumption than any other pan made from another type of material. 

Easy maintenance

Stainless steel is one of the best cooking materials in the area of maintenance. It is dishwasher-proof which means you can clean with a dishwasher and have it ready for use at any time. Also, if food gets stuck to the pot, it can be easily removed by being soaked in water for a while then washed to remove them.


Stainless steel pans last for a very long time before being unfit for the kitchen anymore. The durability of this product ensures that you have real value for purchasing the ware, unlike other products that may require you to purchase regularly.

Fast cooking

The characteristics of Stainless steel are easy and quick heat absorption. As a result, the cooking performance of a stainless steel pan is relatively high, ensuring that meals are cooked very quickly.

Should I use my stainless steel pan in the oven?

Now that we understand the qualities of a stainless steel pan and all of its benefits, it is essential to answer whether or not it can be used in the oven.

Because of the characteristics of a stainless steel pan, it can withstand more heat than a nonstick pan and can be used in the oven. However, there are many parameters in which you can use your stainless steel pan in the range. Follow us to show these parameters and help you determine if your stainless steel pan can go into the oven.

Detachable handles not?

The best thing about modern pans is that the handles can be detached from the pans themselves. Therefore, if the handles of the pan are detached without causing any form of damage to the pan, the stainless steel pan is then utilized in the oven without considering what material the handle is made up of.

What are handles made of?

In the absence of detachable handles, then the making of the handles becomes a thing of concern. The handles of the stainless pan go a long way in determining the usage of the pans themselves. The material used for handles is chosen insulators to allow for proper handling of the pan. Most pans have plastic or wooden handles, and these materials are not suitable for an oven.

Plastic handles will melt away due to the high level of heat within the oven and the wooden handles may begin to split into two. Although the stainless pan itself may have the ability to be used in the oven, the handle it possesses can stop such from happening. Therefore, experts have suggested that the handle must be silicone insulated, rubber handles or metal handles for stainless steel to be used in the oven. Why? These materials are able to withstand oven temperature; rubber may lose its color over time but never becomes unusable.

The lids matter

While considering your stainless for oven activities, you must also ensure that your lids are oven-proof up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This is important because the tops of the pot may just have the same reaction as a plastic or wooden handle if not oven-proof. Not just the lids but the hold of the lids also matter. Ensure that while your cover is glass and oven-proof materials, the handle is also oven-proof to avoid melting.

This article brings to light the fact that your stainless steel can withstand the oven’s heat but will only be used in the range if other qualities are oven-proof. So next time you want to purchase your pan, ensure that the other attributes are from oven-proof products.