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How to Start Liking Fish

fish plate with vegetables

Regardless of if you never ate fish as a child or never really liked it, it’s great that you’re considering adding fish to your diet. Eating fish has a ton of health benefits! But that begs the question: how to start liking fish? Here’s a guide to help acquire a taste for fish. How to …

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How to Plate Food

chicken vegetable plate

Studies prove that plating food right makes people want to pay for it. While not all of us are trained, it’s not very difficult to learn to plate well enough to make our meals more appetizing. In this post, you will learn how to plate food like a chef. How to Plate Food Plating food …

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How to Dredge Fish

Fried fish

The perfect dredging can produce a delicious payoff – fried fish that is crisp on the outside and tender and flavorful on the inside. To dredge a fish means to coat it with a dry ingredient lightly. How to Dredge Fish Fish is usually dredged in flour before being dipped in egg wash and finished …

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How to Make Fish Taste Good

Fresh fish about to be cooked

The strong taste and the pungent smell of fish can be off-putting. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about if you’re reading this. Luckily, there are many ways to mellow down the flavor and aroma of fish. In this short guide, I’ve outlined how to make fish taste good, whether you’re cooking it for …

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How To Use A Sharpening Stone

Used knife on top of a sharpening stone

This likely isn’t the first time you’ll be hearing of this: a dull knife is far more dangerous to use than a sharp one. You will need to apply more pressure to use a dull knife, increasing the risk of it slipping and cutting you.  How To Use A Sharpening Stone Here’s a quick guide …

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Butternut Squash Puree Recipe

Prepared butternut squash puree recipe with braised meat on a plate

One of my favorite potato alternatives is butternut squash. It is lighter than a potato and less sweet than a sweet potato or yam. Luckily, even though they are a fall vegetable, it is pretty easy to find butternut squash all year round.  What is a Butternut Squash Puree? Butternut squash puree is made from …

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Instant Pot Copycat Eggslut Recipe

Prepared instant pot copycat eggslut recipe in a plate

One of the hottest food spots to hit the Las Vegas strip in recent years, Eggslut is pretty much the epitome of great ingredients, simple presentation, and just delicious results. Their flagship product “The Slut” is a coddled egg, on top a bed of pureed potatoes, and served with toast.  Sounds simple right? Well yes …

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Creamy Homemade Butternut Squash Soup

Prepared butternut squash soup recipe in a plate

Creamy, luxurious, seasonal, and yet so guilt free – butternut squash soup  is the perfect treat for a cold winter night.  What Is Butternut Squash Soup? Butternut squash is a soup made from pureed butternut squash. It’s very popular in the wintertime, and butternut squash soup can be made with vegetarian and vegan preparations. A …

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Easy Instant Pot Butternut Squash Risotto Recipe

Prepared instant pot butternut squash risotto recipe in a plate

Ever since we got an Instant Pot, I have been wanting to try all the different functions and features on it. One of the more unique uses of the Instant Pot is the “sauté” function. It just sounded so crazy – why use an Instant Pot just to cook with the cover off?  While I …

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Simple Creamy Garlic Mashed Parsnips Recipe

Prepared garlic mashed parsnips recipe with entrée on a plate

It’s hard to think there was once a time where the humble potato was not ubiquitous around the world. Before the Colombian Exchange, there was not a single potato in Europe. What did people eat, you might ask? Rutabagas, turnips, and parsnips. If you are looking for a high flavor potato alternative, look no further …

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How Long to Cook a T-Bone Steak on the Grill

Trying to test how long to cook a T-bone steak on the grill

T-Bone steaks are a classic cut and perfect for those of us who want a little variety in their meat experience. The T-Bone steak is a best of both worlds steak, containing a piece of the tender Filet and meaty flavorful New York Strip all in one.  While giving diners an amazing variety of flavors …

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How to Pick a Papaya

Opened ripe papaya with the seeds out

My parents grew up in Hawaii, so even when they moved to California, tropical fruits were still fairly common around the house. One that I always underappreciated was the papaya. I remember we’d always do simple preparations like papaya cut with lime juice or with cottage cheese or yogurt.  When I got older, I learned …

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