How Does a Nut Chopper Work?

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Nuts are food packed with nutrients and antioxidants which are important if you want a healthy diet. Preparing nuts can take a lot of time so getting a nut chopper to do it for you will make meal prep simpler. If you do get one, you should know first how does a nut chopper work.

How Does a Nut Chopper Work?

A nut chopper works by cutting the nuts for you by either operating manually or electrically. Nut choppers are even used by chefs to make the cooking process easier. Almost all nut choppers work  the same way in their chopping method.

There are different types of nut choppers you can use and each of them gives you the end result of preparing nuts faster and easier. Some may even have extra features to help with your meal prep. So if you’re curious about getting one, I got you covered.

Manual Versus Electric Nut Chopper

Nut choppers can either be manual or electric. Both of them have their own advantages over the other. It’s all up to you which one you are more comfortable using.

Manual Nut Chopper

Manual nut choppers work the same way as salad spinners in how they function. You rotate the blades by either turning a crank or pulling a cord. They don’t need electricity to operate.

They’re great if you want more control over how you chop nuts because you decide the result and consistency of the chopping. Manual nut choppers are also smaller and more affordable compared to its counterpart.

Electric Nut Chopper

Electric nut choppers are also known as mini food processors. They’re more effective and easier to use compared to manual nut choppers. However, they are generally noisy and will take a lot of space in your kitchen.

Electric nut choppers can be cordless and chargeable ones that you can bring with you on outdoor trips. Some are built for kitchen use and are often not portable. 

Considerations When Choosing a Nut Chopper

If you are thinking of getting your own chopping equipment, here are some considerations that you should know about.


The size of the mini food processor takes into consideration when you have people in your household. The type of dish you prepare also affects what food chopper you should get. Small choppers generally can only process a limited number of nuts.

Larger choppers can handle more nuts and even process other food items. Hence, if you want versatility, go for nut choppers that have more capacity. Make sure that the quality is good too and it can also process other food.

However, you should also consider the size of your kitchen and how much space the nut chopper would take. You also want to check the bowl capacity as it can tell you how much food the kitchen tool can handle.

A person wearing a checkered apron is using a black and silver nut chopper near a clear bowl filled with nuts

Type of Nuts

Most food processors can process every type of nut. Some are even specialized to chop a specific type of nut. Here are some nut types that you may want to check before getting your own food chopper.

  • Pistachios – sweet flavor and generally use for baking
  • Hazelnuts – contain a thin skin that is removed if you want to use it for baking
  • Cashews – a popular snack that is also used in many vegan and vegetarian dishes.
  • Almonds – can be used for cooking and baking due to its neutral flavor and affordability.
  • Pecans – rich in healthy fats and are used as salad toppings
  • Walnuts – mild flavor and is great for making nut bread
  • Peanuts – popular option and is technically a legume. However, it is generally categorized with other nuts.
  • Pine nuts –  seeds from pine trees and are used for topping salads. 

Blade Quality

It won’t be an excellent food chopper if the blades can’t work effectively. Hence, it’s important to choose a blade with sturdy and high quality materials that can be used for a long time.

Stainless steel is the most recommended option. Stainless steel blades are easy to clean and have resistance to rust and corrosion. Stainless steel is used in most common kitchen tools and appliances because of its protective qualities against moisture.

It’s better to avoid using plastic blades because they are more likely not to last that long. It’s a better investment long term to get stainless steel blades.

Related Questions

Can Chopper Chop Nuts?

A chopper can chop nuts with ease. Food choppers where nut choppers are a part of works like food processors. They use sharp blades that spin fast to finely dice or mince food like fruits, vegetables, eggs, bread, and even nuts.

How Do You Clean a Nut Chopper?

Generally, it can be cleaned through the dishwasher by disassembling its parts. However, if there is a manual for cleaning it make sure to read it first before attempting to put it through the dishwasher.

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Nut choppers are excellent kitchen appliances that help prepare nuts faster and easier than doing it by yourself. It’s important you choose one that is effective and will last for long use. It works easily just by rotating the blades manually or using power.

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