Best Rice Dispenser [2024 Review]

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One of the most common bulk buys from the grocery store is rice. But if you are buying more than 5 pounds of rice at a time, how are you storing it? Hopefully not in the bag it came in, where it can easily be spilled or invaded by bugs, or in generic containers where the newest rice is always used first. This is where a dedicated rice dispenser comes in, and knowing what the best rice dispenser is will allow you to properly store your rice. 

My Top Rice Dispenser Reviews

Dedicated rice dispensers keep your rice cool, dry, and bug-free while allowing you to “top off” storage and dispense the oldest grain first. Take a look at my reviews to see some of the best rice dispensers on the market.

If you don’t want to read everything, my top recommendation is the Letusto Rice Dispenser due to its easy dispensing and ability to store 26 pounds of rice.

Letusto Rice Dispenser

If you’re looking for an all-around great rice dispenser that’s free-flowing, the Letusto Rice Dispenser won’t disappoint. It easily dispenses rice so you can get exactly how much you want each time you use it.  

The Letusto Rice Dispenser comes with four main parts: the lid, rice container, rice drop section, and the rice bucket. Even though there are multiple parts, this is an incredibly durable product, held together by two sets of very strong clasps. The perk of this dispenser being able to come apart is that it makes it easy to clean (which you definitely want to do before you add rice to it the first time!). 

This can hold up to 26 pounds of rice, which can last quite some time. Due to the design of the dispenser, the oldest rice you add to it will get used first, which is important since so much rice can fit in it. Additionally, the container is made from BPA-free plastic, so it will keep the rice fresh and moisture-free while inside of it.

With the automatic, free-flowing, one-touch dispensing, it makes it very easy to select the amount of rice you want to be released every time you use it. Plus, with the clear window in the rice container, you’re able to see when you’re running low on rice and need to refill it. 

Another perk of the window is that if you have multiple dispensers for different types of rice, the window allows you to know which type of rice is in each container.


  • Capacity of 26 pounds
  • Uses the oldest rice first
  • Free-flowing dispensing with an easy-to-use button
  • Fully airtight


  • No handle on the rice drawer
  • Measuring cup does not have the most accurate measurements on it

i Kito Rice Dispenser Container

The i Kito Rice Dispenser is another free-flowing rice dispenser that has the largest capacity on my list. This container from i Kito can hold up to 26.5 pounds of rice, which is great for families. 

To dispense the rice on this device, there is a level that you push down on. This is different than the Letusto, which uses a button instead. In my opinion, I think the lever is a little harder to use, but it still allows you to control exactly how much rice you want to be dispensed at a time.

Like the Letusto and Aroma Housewares product, the i Kito dispenses the oldest rice first so that you don’t end up wasting it.

A downside to this container is that the rice bin is not transparent, so you can’t actually see how much rice is being dispensed as you push down on the lever. This can be a bit annoying, and you might find yourself needing to open and close the bin a few times in order to get the amount of rice you want for your meal.


  • Capacity is 26.5 pounds, which is the most on my list
  • MUST share on WHY you think it’s a pro, without making the bullet too long


  • Rice bin is not transparent so you can’t see how much rice you’re dispensing 
  • Several parts to put together when you first buy the container

Aroma Housewares ARD-125 Rice Dispenser

The Aroma Housewares ARD-125 Rice Dispenser is the only one on my list that is automatic in terms of how much rice is released. Unlike the other two products where you have to hold the button or lever in order for the rice to dispense, when you push the button on the ARD-125, 1 cup of rice will automatically be released into the rice bin. 

The automatic dispensing can be nice because of how easy it is to get a perfectly measured cup of rice; however, if you are cooking something that calls for less than a cup, you’ll need to pour some of the rice back into the dispenser.

This rice container has a capacity of 22 pounds, which is less than the other two brands can hold. With the Aroma container, it is a little hard to see how much rice you have left since there’s only a small window on it. Once your rice gets below the window, you have to open the top of the device to see how many pounds you have left.


  • Automatically dispenses 1 cup of rice when you push the button
  • Can store other small foods in it, such as beans or other grains


  • Hard to see how much rice is left in the container due to the small window
  • The device looks a bit dated due to the color and design
  • 22 pound storage capacity, which is the smallest on my list

Features to Consider for Rice Dispensers

When it comes to picking the right dispenser for rice, there are a few key features to consider before making your selection. This includes items such as how much rice it can hold, the dimensions of the product, and how it dispenses rice.

ProductAirtight?CapacityDispenser Measurement
Letusto Rice DispenserYes26 poundsFree-flowing
i Kito Rice DispenserNo26.5 poundsFree-flowing
Aroma Housewares ARD-125No22 poundsAutomatic measurement

Storage Capacity

You would not buy a rice dispenser for a couple pounds of rice. If you are in the market for a rice dispenser, you want at least 20 pounds of capacity, if not 25 or 50 pounds for a large family. 

Even if you don’t plan to eat the rice right away, getting a rice container that can hold over 20 pounds will save you from having to get rice every time you go to the store. All of the dispensers I recommend are at least 22 pounds.


When buying a rice dispenser you are committing to permanent storage of rice in your household. While many are considering a rice dispenser already have a dedicated place in my cabinets for a large loose bag of rice, this may not be the same place you wish to put a rice dispenser.

For example, you wouldn’t put a rice dispenser on the bottom shelf, because they are gravity fed and dispense rice at the bottom. Generally, this type of device goes on your countertop or on a shelf that is easily accessible. 

When it comes to the dimensions, be sure to measure the available space you have before buying one. Most dispensers are pretty tall and can’t always fit underneath cabinets on countertops.

Dispenser Measurement

There are free-flowing dispensers and automatic measured dispensers. The free-flowing ones are like a faucet – you push a button or open a setting to allow the rice to dispense out freely. With a free-flowing dispenser, you can use your own measuring cup to get any amount of rice you need. 

Many rice dispensers are fixed to automatically release 1 measured “cup.” While this might be convenient and easy for a family of 3-4, if you need more or less rice at a given time, this can be slightly annoying to work with. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Better to Store Rice in Glass or Plastic?

It doesn’t really matter if you are storing your rice in glass or plastic. What matters is that no air, light, moisture, or bugs can get into the container. If you are worried about BPA, rest assured your food containers should not contain BPA. Even those that do are not creating dioxins because they are never heated. 

If you are really worried about plastic leaching into your food over long periods of time or due to mechanical erosion from the rice, go with glass containers. 

Does Rice Need to Be Stored in an Airtight Container?

Rice does not need to be stored airtight, but less air is better. The biggest worry with rice storage is moisture, and the issue of air exposure is that air can bring moisture into the mix. If your home is generally the same temperature and humidity, then airtight containers won’t matter as much. 

What Cookware Do You Actually Need?


Rice dispensers are a unique product for those who are committed to rice with their meals. Anyone who regularly purchases a 20 pound bag of rice or more would definitely benefit from a rice dispenser. The best rice dispensers will keep your rice cool, dry, and free of insects for months at a time. 

If you regularly make the same amount of rice each day then a fixed measurement dispenser may be best for you. If you need the freedom and responsibility of different amounts go for a free-flowing dispenser. 

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